If an organisation’s Process Safety Management (PSM) system is to be successful and sustainable it requires the commitment of the entire workforce, starting at the top. Process safety is integral to a company’s business performance. Without detailed policies and effective monitoring and management systems, the risk of a major accident and its consequences increases sharply. Whilst it is essential that competent personnel are charged with managing process safety, experience has shown that if not properly directed this often leads to reactive compliance, meaning that company resources are not necessarily targeted to best effect. Since it is senior management and board directors who ultimately approve the finance for the implementation of changes and initiatives to underpin safety, it makes sense that they understand how hazards and risks are identified and assessed.

” Sarah Grindrod and Dr. Andrew Fowler HFL Risk Services, Freeman House, Denton Manchester, UK”

Our PSM programs are design to supplement current national and organizational level initiatives. In principle the programs are tailored to :-

  1. Introduction to PSM for Plant Operators
  2. PSM for Senior Operators, Engineers and HSE Practitioners
  3. Plant Turnaround and Shut Down HSE 
  4. PSM for Plant Designers & Superintendents